Customer Service & Admin

Ronie Walters: Administration, and Kate Townsend: Customer Service and Administration

Ronie has been interested in sustainable development and low impact living for a long time. This interest has evolved over time to encompass new technological advances such as renewable energy sources. Since moving to Orkney with her family in 2009 she enjoys frequent walks on the beach and watching wind turbines turning to make the most of the ever present wind! Ronie enjoys administration and accounts work and can often be found wrestling spreadsheets in the evenings.

Kate has had a long and varied history, including an entry in the Guinness book of records for the longest continuous walk by a woman around the British Mainland coast (6,600 miles in 9 months!) She arrived in Orkney 18 years ago and has been involved in various community projects on Eday. Kate is committed to community sustainability and is looking forward to working with OMR to further this objective.