Every site that has a turbine has its own unique conditions that affect pricing. These include factors such as ground conditions, distance from house, access for plant and machinery and factors that would affect the size of turbine tower needed. These variabilities make it very difficult to provide a generic one size fits all pricing plan.

However we hate visiting websites that tell you lots of nice things about products, but miss off the all important price and so we are providing a price indication for you here. However, as we (hopefully!) made clear above, this price is a guide. The actual price, to you, on your site, with your conditions, may vary from this one. Should you chose to use Orkney Micro Renewables for your Wind Turbine, we will first provide you with a desk based quote which will give you a more accurate figure. This will be 95% accurate. If you chose to go ahead with us we will then visit your site and do the final survey which will double check the cable runs, and the ground conditions and then give you a final price.

At present most sites we are quoting for an Evance R9000 5kW Turbine on a 12 metre tower, with reasonable access, a cable run less than 100 metres long, and standard ground conditions are costing £27,925 excluding VAT.

VAT is charged at 5% for domestic users, 20% for non domestic users.